Freshwater Aquarium Wishlist

I previously owned an aquarium. Before that I owned a single betta. I did everything wrong. And that’s why I want to do it again. The last time I owned an aquarium, I didn’t know anything about aquariums. I researched what to do, what you need, and how to take care of it. But, I just didn’t want to make the time commitment. So, the tank suffered. I am ready now though to make that commitment. I am going to go over a couple of the items on my list. Continue reading

3D Art

Free Goodie: IOR List

Hey guys. Last week I said I was working on something…and it is an IOR list. If you don’t know what IOR is, it is an acronym that stands for Index Of Refraction. Each material with refraction has an IOR. And it is very important when recreating materials to use the proper IOR. To download the list continue reading. Continue reading