X-55 Rhino HOTAS (Image courtesy of Amazon.com)
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X-55 Rhino Ghosting Fix

Recently, I purchased an X-55 Rhino HOTAS. Once I received it, I set it up and started playing. It worked great for a day or two, then I began noticing it would press a button occasionally without my pressing it. So, of course, I searched the internet and found that it is a common issue with the X-55. Apparently, the unit uses a lot of power, more than a USB2 socket can consistently put out. So everyone recommended buying a powered USB hub or using USB3. As I was using USB3 already, I went ahead and purchased a USB hub. Once the hub arrived, I was excited to see that it worked…for a few minutes. Then the button presses came back. I was really at a loss as of what to do, so again, I searched around. I eventually found that the X-55 has an issue with USB3, so I plugged it into a USB2 socket and voila, no ghosting. So the take away is: use a powered hub and USB2 socket. However, the hub can be USB3, as is the case with mine, just plug the hub into USB2. I hope this helped some people, and if you are questioning whether or not to buy this HOTAS, do so. It is the best HOTAS I’ve used.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com