3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #12

Hey everyone! This week I got my schedule all figured out, so you should be seeing more consistent results from now on. I finished Sintel, which I will be posting tomorrow, so stay tuned. I also did a fare amount of work on the house, which only needs the second story added before I take it into Blender. Continue reading

Game Posts

Building in Minecraft

So lately I have been building a lot in Minecraft. I’m assuming you’ve not been hiding under a rock and know what Minecraft is. 😉 I usually build on Vadact Creative on the us.shotbow.net server where you can level up by building more complex structures. I currently own two ‘plots’ where I’m working on a coliseum and a ocean battle.

Here’s the coliseum:

Minecraft 2015-04-23_00001Minecraft 2015-04-23_00002 Minecraft 2015-04-23_00003

And the ocean battle:

Minecraft 2015-04-23_00005

I plan on adding sea life, more terrain, and ships shooting each other. If you haven’t built on a Minecraft server, you should definitely check it out.

I know this was a small post, but stick around for next week where I plan on reviewing the Advanced Gold Shader.

3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #10

Yeah! We made it. Number 10! Ok, because of spring break I didn’t really do much besides finish my competition entry, which I’ll be posting in a few minutes. Becuase I’ve finished the “Another Planet” entry, I have started a new project. I am trying to create a realistic FPS sandbox. Basically, it would be a simple arena type area where you can walk around and eventually shoot some stuff and make it explode. As soon as I finish my Sintel project, which I’m getting close, I am also going to be starting work on sculpting a Twi’lek head from Star Wars. Continue reading to see how Sintel looks. Continue reading