Tiger I 2015-06-04
3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #16

This has been an exciting week. A lot has gone on, and I am really excited about how the shader pack is coming along. I also haven’t forgotten my other projects. For the next couple of weeks, you won’t really see any breathtaking changes on the house, although there will be progress. The tank is slowly, but surely, coming along. I’m not sure how I feel about the game.¬†And I completely redesigned the spectacles. Continue reading

Tiger I 2015-05-26
3D Art, Projects Update, Web Design

Projects Update #15

I have a lot of exciting news this week! Not only do I have a really cool image for the tank, but I think I figured out what shader I’m going to do. Also, I did a little work on the steampunk competition entry. Last week this blog set a new record of 248 views in one day, so thank you guys! Continue reading