Dream House 2015-05-19
Projects Update

Projects Update #14

Ok, to start things off, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. But I have been really busy. Because of this, I haven’t done much on my projects. However I do have some information on future projects and a little update on my current ones. Continue reading

War Thunder Review Part 3 - Feature
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Game Review: War Thunder Part 3 – Gameplay

So I previously stated that part three would be about the controls. But I feel that I should dig into the gameplay first and then the controls. Therefore this part will go through the different game modes. NOTE: I am not going to be discussing Ground Forces, as I am not as knowledgeable or care as much for it as I do the aircraft. Continue reading

Tiger I 2015-05-05-2
3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #13

Oh no! Not the 13th update. 😉 Thanks guys for all the feedback on the site; I really like the new design. Also be sure to vote on what shader or shader pack you want. And make sure to fill out in the “Other” field what kind you want (e.g. concrete, glass etc.). This week I worked a lot on the house, as I’m getting excited about taking it into Blender. I also did some work on the tank. Continue reading to check out my progress. Continue reading


Shader Poll

I plan on creating either a shader or shader pack, and I was wondering what you guys thought is the shader you use or want the most? Just vote on either a single shader or shader pack and then enter your choice in the “Other” field. I would love your feedback!

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Building in Minecraft

So lately I have been building a lot in Minecraft. I’m assuming you’ve not been hiding under a rock and know what Minecraft is. 😉 I usually build on Vadact Creative on the us.shotbow.net server where you can level up by building more complex structures. I currently own two ‘plots’ where I’m working on a coliseum and a ocean battle.

Here’s the coliseum:

Minecraft 2015-04-23_00001Minecraft 2015-04-23_00002 Minecraft 2015-04-23_00003

And the ocean battle:

Minecraft 2015-04-23_00005

I plan on adding sea life, more terrain, and ships shooting each other. If you haven’t built on a Minecraft server, you should definitely check it out.

I know this was a small post, but stick around for next week where I plan on reviewing the Advanced Gold Shader.