Steampunk 2015-06-23
3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #19

Wow, another crazy week. I thought I would have more time this week, but I had even less. Although, I do have more progress than last week. 🙂 I really don’t enjoy working on the dream house right now (because of how tedious the work is). But, I will continue to push on, and hopefully next week I will have more progress.

The house is slowly coming along. Although it is not hard work, it is tiresome.

Dream House 2015-06-23 Dream House 2015-06-23-2

I added a shovel on the tank.

Tiger I 2015-06-23Tiger I 2015-06-23-2 Tiger I 2015-06-23-3

And lastly the steampunk spectacles:

Steampunk 2015-06-23 Steampunk 2015-06-23-2

The materials are just placeholders.

That’s it for this week. I hope to work more on the house and tank especially this week. Thanks for reading!


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