Top 100 - 2015-06-09
Projects Update, Web Design

Projects Update #17

This is the smallest update I have ever done. Because I just posted last Thursday, there is really nothing new. However, I did finish adding the entries for the Top 100 Aircraft website I have been working on. Now I can focus more on the design and functionality. So here it is:

Top 100 - 2015-06-09

That’s it guys. I would love your suggestions; just leave a comment below. See you guys next time!


2 thoughts on “Projects Update #17

  1. Hey there, did you create this website for any specific purpose? You asked for suggestions, I’d make this look an avionic touch. You could make use of modern css3 and html5 technologies and run a video of the Lindenberg flight on the start-up page.(e.g. as in google drive) You might want to change the typeface as well to some kind of font, that people associate with classical or monumental aeroplanes. You could also visit to learn about the techniques and designs they used to do the voting. I think this site also uses wordpress. I just did a bit of brainstorming… Hope this helps. 😀 Cheers Markus

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