Tiger I 2015-05-26
3D Art, Projects Update, Web Design

Projects Update #15

I have a lot of exciting news this week! Not only do I have a really cool image for the tank, but I think I figured out what shader I’m going to do. Also, I did a little work on the steampunk competition entry. Last week this blog set a new record of 248 views in one day, so thank you guys!

No progress on the house, but here’s what it looks like:

Dream House 2015-05-26

I have a lot of filling to do. 😦

Here’s the new view of the tank:

Tiger I 2015-05-26

Which also got it’s shell.

Tiger I 2015-05-26-2

No progress on the game. I think I’m going to do something simple, like a room.

And here is what I came up with for the competition:

Steampunk 2015-05-26

I also made a little progress on the website:

Top 100 - 2015-05-26

As for the shader, I think I am going to do a shader pack about something sweet. This is going to take a lot of time, so don’t expect anything very soon. I can’t wait to work on them and thanks again for reading. See you next week!


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