Tiger I 2015-05-05-2
3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #13

Oh no! Not the 13th update. 😉 Thanks guys for all the feedback on the site; I really like the new design. Also be sure to vote on what shader or shader pack you want. And make sure to fill out in the “Other” field what kind you want (e.g. concrete, glass etc.). This week I worked a lot on the house, as I’m getting excited about taking it into Blender. I also did some work on the tank. Continue reading to check out my progress.

Here’s the house:

Dream House 2015-05-05 Dream House 2015-05-05-2

All that’s left is to add windows. I don’t plan on doing the roof until everything is basically done, as it will be easier to see inside. And I will probably split the home into each level in Blender.

And the Tiger I:

Tiger I 2015-05-05 Tiger I 2015-05-05-2Tiger I 2015-05-05-3Tiger I 2015-05-05-4

I’m loving the new Ambient Occlusion option in the viewport! It may not look like I did much on the tank, but it took quite a while for the the grenade launcher and the side panels, believe me.

I didn’t do any work on the game as I’m still trying to figure out which environment I should do. Also, no work on the sculpt as I was preparing an article for next Thursday. Stay tuned for a look on realistic shader creation. Thanks as always for reading and stay tuned!


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