3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #12

Hey everyone! This week I got my schedule all figured out, so you should be seeing more consistent results from now on. I finished Sintel, which I will be posting tomorrow, so stay tuned. I also did a fare amount of work on the house, which only needs the second story added before I take it into Blender.

Dream House 2015-04-28-2 Dream House 2015-04-28

As you can see, I’ve added the shed and pool house. I can’t wait to start work on the second story!

Tiger I 2015-04-28 Tiger I 2015-04-28-2 Tiger I 2015-04-28-3

I didn’t do much on the Tiger this week. I plan on working a fare amount more before the next post.

I didn’t really do much on the game as I’m trying to figure out what environment it should be, e.g. a cemetery, parking garage etc. So I would love you opinion. Just vote in the poll below.

Twi'lek 2015-04-28

I am relatively happy with this for a start on the Twi’lek.

That it’s for this week, stay tuned for the gold shader review coming out this Thursday.


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