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Projects Update #10

Yeah! We made it. Number 10! Ok, because of spring break I didn’t really do much besides finish my competition entry, which I’ll be posting in a few minutes. Becuase I’ve finished the “Another Planet” entry, I have started a new project. I am trying to create a realistic FPS sandbox. Basically, it would be a simple arena type area where you can walk around and eventually shoot some stuff and make it explode. As soon as I finish my Sintel project, which I’m getting close, I am also going to be starting work on sculpting a Twi’lek head from Star Wars. Continue reading to see how Sintel looks.

So here she is:

Sintel 2015-04-14Sintel 2015-04-14-2 Sintel 2015-04-14-3 Sintel 2015-04-14-5

I completely changed the materials, which I am very pleased with. I tried making a PBR shader this time. I based them off of this tutorial: http://www.chocofur.com/6-shadersamptextures.html

I also found these two articles helpful: PBR Theory and PBR Practice.

This is the current progress of the game:

FPS 2015-04-14

You can currently look around and move. I plan on setting up the environment before anything else.

That’s it for this week. I’m glad to be back, and thank you for all of your votes on my poll. The poll will be closing at the end of this month, so if you haven’t voted be sure to vote before the end of the month. Also, if you have any suggestions for the game feel free to leave a comment!


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