3D Art, Projects Update

Projects Update #9

Hey guys! This week I mainly focused on my “Another Planet” entry. I posted the WIP on Google+ and BlenderArtists and got some great feedback. I hope guys feel it is an improvement. I worked a little on my house; it is slowly coming along. I also finished Sintel’s hair (at least the first draft 🙂 ). Continue reading to see how my projects are progressing.So here is the current progress for my competition entry:

Cloud City 2015-03-31-2

The one thing I plan on doing, is changing the dark cloud to match the purple one in the background.

And now we have a pool!

Dream House 2015-03-31-2 Dream House 2015-03-31

Here is the first draft of Sintel’s hair.

Sintel 2015-03-31-2Sintel 2015-03-31

That’s it for this week. By next week I will have the finished competition entry! Again, thanks to those of you who voted on the site redesign.


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