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Game Review: War Thunder Part 2 – Settings

In this part, I will cover everything in the settings menu. I will skim over some of the sections as others have created better guides. The settings menu includes everything from graphics settings to background music (so you can listen to a radio station). I will include a graphics comparison and how I have my settings configured. Let’s get started.

Main Parameters

Main parameters

First off is the “Main parameters” section. Here lies some of the most used options–like language and measurement units.

As you can see, I have gun targeting distance set to 500. (for a guide on gun targeting distance see here: Gun Convergence)

Because I live in the US, I also set the measurement units to what is most familiar to me.

All of the settings here are pretty much self explanatory; just change to your liking.



This could be a whole guide in and of itself. I will not even try to explain these settings as there is a much better and thorough guide. I would suggest reading this guide thorghouly: Graphics Settings Guide.

I will, however, show you a comparison of what the different parameters do. Low settings are on the left and high settings are on the right.

Graphics Comparison

Low vs True Max



Here is everything relating to how the games interface behaves. Things like allied marker colors and the ability to show engine temperature are included in this section. These are all personal preferences, so set them how you like them.



Again, this one is personal preference. Although, if you are a girl, I would recommend changing the Pilot’s Voice to a girl. Otherwise, that’s just weird. 😉

Voice Chat

Voice Chat

Here you can configure your voice chat settings like: what mic to use, or if you even want voice chat on.

Internet Radio

Internet Radio

This is a cool feature that I love. Here is great guide on how to get started using it: How to Setup the Internet Radio – Guide. After trying this myself, I found I needed to include the http:// in the URL and didn’t need anything after the port number.



Lastly, we have the social section. Here you can login to Facebook. You can also setup Twitch streaming. I haven’t used these features personally.

PostFX Settings

PostFX Settings

There is also a PostFX section where you can tweak the look of War Thunder to your hearts content. Check out this post: PostFX Settings – Let’s Share Them for a really great looking setup.


That’s it for Part 2; check back soon for Part 3, where I will discuss my control setup and how to set up your own! I hope you enjoyed this and safe flying!

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