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Game Review: War Thunder Part 1 – Getting Started

War Thunder is a combat flight simulator made by Gaijin set between World War II and the Korean war. In the coming months I will be discussing the various parts of War Thunder. Even though the title says review, this is not so much a review but more of a guide. Continue reading to learn how to play.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is go to and create an account. (By using this link you receive 50 free golden eagles (War Thunder’s premium currency, something I will discuss in a later part). Next you will download the game. You can either download the game through Steam or on the War Thunder website.

The Launcher

War Thunder Launcher 1.47

Once the launcher is installed, prepare for some waiting. The game is over 3GB, but Gaijin recommends 11GB for the full game. System requirements can be found here:

While the game is downloading I would suggest reading this guide on setting up your graphics settings: Graphics Settings Guide.

For anyone running a FX4300, GTX750, and 4GB of RAM:

War Thunder Graphics Settings 1.47

There is also a Launcher Settings section:

War Thunder Launcher Settings

Getting in the Game

Okay, you’ve downloaded the game; now you can finally click that large Play button. After the game has started up, you will be greeted by the login screen. Once logged in, you will choose your starting nation. It doesn’t really matter; after playing a couple of matches, you can unlock the other nations. Although, you do get a free Premium plane after your first battle as that nation.

Reserve Planes

You also have tanks:

Reserve Tanks


War Thunder Tutorials

After you choose your nation, you will be asked to complete a basic flight tutorial. There are a number of other tutorials that, after completion, you will receive rewards. After you’ve completed the basic tutorials, I’d advise you to take some time getting used to flying in a test flight before going into a match.


That’s it for Part 1; check back soon for Part 2, where I”ll take a look at the interface and how things work! I hope you enjoyed this and safe flying!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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