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Projects Update #6

Ok, to start off: I was sick this weekend. So, there is not a whole lot of progress on anything, except me getting better. 🙂 I did improve my Blender Guru competition entry quite a bit, and also worked a little on the tank. Continue reading to see what I did while I was sick.

Here is what my competition entry looks like so far:

Cloud City 2015-03-10-2

As you can see, I have a lot of texturing to do.

Also, I would appreciate any advice on how to get rid of these strange artifacts. Edit 3/12/2015: I found the solution. I was using a Area lamp for world volumetrics, but by turning them off and changing the lamp to a Sun lamp, the artifacts went away.

I really like how the tank is turning out. This week I worked mostly on the front wheels.

Tiger I 2015-03-06 Tiger I 2015-03-10 Tiger I 2015-03-10-2 Tiger I 2015-03-10-3

See you guys next week, and don’t forget to vote on the site redesign!


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