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Projects Update #5

Well, this week I was really busy! I got a lot accomplished (including some work on these projects). Just a heads up: during this month you may not see a lot of changes on these projects because I plan on entering the BlenderGuru ‘Another Planet’ competition. Continue reading to see this week’s progress.

Here is how the house is looking:

Dream House 2015-03-03-2 Dream House 2015-03-03

It may not look like I did much, but I actually had to start from scratch. I believe I am about ready to start on the second story.

The tank is really coming along. This week I focused on guns. 🙂 I worked a little on the main gun, but I mainly focused on the machine gun. It was a real pain trying to get the hole just right.

I also changed the front side plates and the overall proportions of the tank a little.

Tiger I 2015-03-03 Tiger I 2015-03-03-2 Tiger I 2015-03-03-3

I also worked on Sintel a little:

Sintel 2015-03-03

Well, that’s it for this week. See you next time!


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