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Projects Update #4

So this week I’ve been really focusing on my tank (although I haven’t forgotten the house 🙂 ). I am really enjoying working on the tank and learning more about it every day. I hope you guys enjoy watching this project progress as much as I do. Continue reading to see how these projects are progressing.

I worked on the house a bit:

Dream House 2015-02-24 Dream House 2015-02-24-2

I reworked the design a little–downsizing to a two car garage, and adding a closet next to the office. I also added doors.

This is where most of my time was spent: the tank.

Tiger I 2015-02-24 Tiger I 2015-02-24-4 Tiger I 2015-02-24-5Tiger I 2015-02-24-3Tiger I 2015-02-24-2

I reworked the gun, wheels, and added the front and rear axles. I also changed the HDRI I’m using.

I didn’t do any work on Sintel this week.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this update, and I’ll see you in next weeks!


2 thoughts on “Projects Update #4

  1. Tank’s coming along nicely. Do you intend to animate at any time or just make static images? I’m wondering about the tread structure and how I’d do it. Make a single plate and then array it to create the tread, then use a curve to shape it into place or make a strip mesh and Duplivert the plates to link it together. Either should work for a static model, animation might require more thought. And animating the wheel followers would be ‘fun,’ too.
    Keep going. I’m enjoying the ride as well.

  2. Thanks! Currently, I’m planning on doing an image. But I agree it would be cool to see an animation of it. I might do it eventually. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I’m glad I’m enjoying it. 🙂

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