3D Art

Material Study: Diamond

EDIT: I will be releasing v2 of this shader on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

Looks good, right? 😉 (BTW, I used a solid background color) I previously did a material study post and really liked how it turned out, but I noticed that the materials didn’t quite work when putting them in the same scene. The reason? Each material had a different real world size, and when I made them different from what they should be, the material just looked off. So, I’ve decided to do them individually and go more in-depth. Continue reading to see how to use my first solo material study.

It’s quite simple, and to make it even simpler, I’ve uploaded the .blend file so you can tweak to your hearts content. I’ve grouped everything to make it extremely simple:

Diamond v2 Group

And inside the group:

Diamond v2

So, I’ve made two versions: a low dispersion and a high dispersion. To use either just plug in the low or high dispersion into the Surface Input.

The shader works by using multiple glass shaders to simulate all the colors of the rainbow. To get the dispersion effect, the IOR is slightly different for each glass shader. Then I combined them with the add shader. In order to keep the brightness the same (to make sure the caustics and overall color are not to bright) the color of each glass shader has been darkened to as close an approximation of clear glass.

After doing some research I found that diamonds come in various colors. In order to simulate this I added a volume absorption shader. By doing this, I killed two birds with one stone: color the diamond and add absorption (because diamonds also have absorption). To color the diamond just change the Absorption Color and to increase it’s intensity just increase the Absorption Density. I recommend not increasing the density past 50, otherwise the color becomes oversaturated.

I hope you enjoyed this shader, and feel free to give me feedback on it. You can download it here: Diamond Shader


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