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Free Goodie: IOR List

Hey guys. Last week I said I was working on something…and it is an IOR list. If you don’t know what IOR is, it is an acronym that stands for Index Of Refraction. Each material with refraction has an IOR. And it is very important when recreating materials to use the proper IOR. To download the list continue reading.

I found a forum where a bunch of IORs from around the web were posted, but they were terribly formatted and there were many duplicates. So, I decided I would save you guys the trouble of finding the right one and create a neatly formatted and error free list.

I have provided two versions, an ODT and a PDF. I recommend the PDF unless you would like to edit the list. To edit the ODT click File>Save As>Download on the OneDrive website. If you try and edit it on the website the formatting will be incorrect.

IOR List.odt
IOR List.pdf

I hope you guys enjoy this. If you find any errors, missing materials, or questions let me know. 🙂


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