3D Art

House Update #1

Hi guys, so here is my first update on my house project. I’ll give you guys a sneak peek about a couple of other side projects that I’ve been working on . In addition to this, I will have something really cool for you guys next week! Continue reading to learn what it is.

For the house, these are the current sketches I have in mind.

House Sketch 2015-01-22

Top drawing is the first floor, bottom is the second floor

House Sketch 2015-01-22-2

For the other projects I have been working on, I’ve been working on a tank I started about a month ago.

Tiger I 2015-01-22

Tiger I 2015-01-22-2

Tiger I 2015-01-22-3

Any guesses as to which one it is?

Also, I’ve been working on my second material study. So, you can expect that in the next few weeks.

As to the little surprise I’m giving out next week, I’ll give you a few hints: it involves everything around us, numbers, and it is a list.


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